Semoga dengan kehadiran cikgu-cikgu dapat meningkatkan pencapaian Akademik, Kokurilum, Sahsiah dan Pentadbiran sekolah.

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  1. Salam Cikgu Yasir. Congratulation and it is a good initiative to have Semerbak own webblog. I strongly recommend that the webblog can be presented to all the PIBG commitee members in the next meeting. By the way, it is good if we can create a page folder for PIBG at the top of the main page besides having blogroll section. The blogroll can be maintained as it is.


    • Waa’laikummussalam. Terima kasih atas sokongan daripada pihak PIBG. Saya akan adakan satu ruang (Page) untuk PIBG, semoga kita dapat mempertingkatkan lagi kualiti pendidikan anak-anak.

  2. Hi my frenz & teachers i’m Satish here from SMKSG i would like 2 advise my frenz to suft this web site bcz it help us 2 gain latest information and it could be helpful for us also…………..

    • Thank you for visit this web-blog, hopefully we used this method to gain our knowledge, information about our school, make we love our school and teacher.
      Provide this blog to your other friends, especially parent.

  3. Hai….thank you and i would like 2 praise our school members and to our teacher En.Yasir bcz by having school websites it really helps us 2 know the latest issue that can helps us.

  4. Salam…its a good start 4 semerbak to have a website so that Semerbakians including teachers and students can get their information about the school through the web, which is faster, easier and cost effective…hope that Ckg can always enhance this site…

    • Thank you for your support, it’s not enough if only me moderate this blog.I need help from all of our community to give any information, any activities report, anything that good to share with others.

  5. tahniah krn berjaya membina web blog utk smksg…
    sekolah kita ni dah berusia hampir 30thn tapi baru thn 2009 ni ada web blog sendiri…congrats cikgu yasir! saya kagum dan akan terus menyokong usaha cikgu dan warga semerbak…:)

  6. hiiiiiiiii………………
    slm bwt ary yeah….

  7. yay….saya suke saya gmbira

  8. Blog yg plg cantik saya pernah bukak….

  9. Thanks to En Yaser.. This is a nice site.. Congrats!

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